Floor Reitsma


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Photographer Floor Reitsma is always on the hunt for a stomach flip. Together with dancer Margot she went to her favorite place on earth, the beach, to create 'Stomach Flip'.




We're currently reaching out to a few young photographers and ask them to bundle our powers, get creative safely (think self portraits, quarantine partner or facetime series, something more abstract) and create something special for us to help fight Covid-19. Buy this beautiful print and save lives, 100% of proceeds go to the Red Cross to help fight this pandemic.


All prints are printed on demand and will be shipped to you within 14 days of purchase with a copy of our donation to the Red Cross on your behalf. PLEASE NOTE as this is a charity project and all prints are printed to order, these are non-returnable.

  • • 30 x 45cm
    • responsibly printed by Fotolab Kiekie
    • printed on demand
  • notes. PLEASE NOTE all prints are non-returnable.